Diving Right In.

So here I am…

I have been wanting to start a blog for a long time and I have finally decided that if I don’t just jump in, I am going to keep going back and forth with what I want to represent, what I want to say, how I want it to look, and so on.  Kind of like when you go swimming.  There are those that dip a toe in at a time, torturing themselves as they slowly sink each extremity into the freezing cold water, and those that fearlessly cannonball with wreckless abandon.  I can go either way…but most times in life I have found that if I just spontaneously decide to do something and don’t think it over obsessively, it tends to happen more naturally.

That’s not to say that I didn’t put a lot of thought into this blog.  I mulled over titles for days, which as I have said to my best friend (who is also in the midst of birthing her first blog) it is like naming a child.  You want it to be meaningful, and symbolize everything that you hope for it to be.  But like children eventually and inexplicably grow into their names, (we have no idea who they are when we first meet them after all!), I am confident that as I nurture this site and shape it to embody my interests and passions, and views, and loves and grievances, and whatever else I conjure up the courage to share, that it will be an expression of me. 

Like the title suggests, in the hectic, “go” of everyday life, I am always finding new things that I want to dive into and explore to the fullest capacity that my brain will allow, until the next fascinating thing comes along to distract my attention.  In the midst of the madness and the constant pull of competing needs (working full time and having a family), I try to go with the flow and not take myself too seriously.  I hope to capture as much as I can in the small moments that my busy life allows, but I am excited to finally be doing a cannonball into the untested waters of my own personal blog pool.



6 thoughts on “Diving Right In.

  1. Kate

    So proud of you for taking the leap! If your future posts are as thoughtful and well-written as this first entry, you’ll have a huge following in no time. Splash!


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