30’s are not the new 20’s

Recently, the onslaught of age has come up in a few conversations.  Some are embracing it.  My boss for example, who is fabulous both in her appearance as well as her attitude, is celebrating her fantastic self as she turns 49 this weekend.  She is happy to announce her age and is already shamelessly plugging the big 5-0 next year.  Another woman I know, who is the same age as me (36) was recently lamenting about turning 40 in a few years.  Why dwell on a number, which in my mind has nothing to do with personality and attitude, but is a mere mathematical symbol for how long we have been on this earth.  Besides, it’s not how old we are, but how we choose to live the years we have, and what we do with ourselves that really matters, isn’t it? 

I also recently read this advice column by E. Jean in Elle magazine (which, by the by, if you haven’t read her before, take a look through the archives – she is snarky, straightforward & very spectacular!) and it made me think about how much there is from your 20’s  to look back on.  Thankfully, there isn’t anything on her list of “regrets” that I would take ownership on, other than maybe starting my career “too late,” however I don’t see that as a regret, rather that I am still figuring it out. 

I choose to subscribe to the mindset of taking it all in and living in the moment – seeing, believing and accepting the goodness that comes from each day no matter how old (or young) I am. 


I am loving my thirties and feel that some of the best moments experienced thus far have occurred in this decade.  It’s hard sometimes to not get caught up in thinking about life as a timeline and focusing on all of things you want to accomplish by a certain age.  I know that I have been guilty of doing exactly that, but looking at all of things that I HAVE accomplished, makes me remember that we are all on our own unique journey, and there are no absolute paths.  I don’t regret any of my choices, but I have learned from many mistakes.  I am certainly not the girl I was in high school, or even the girl I was at 21, or 25, or 28!  Age makes us better, riper, more cultivated – like a juicy fruit (or as the saying goes, a fine wine!)

TP Picture

Me celebrating 3O in NYC

As I reflected on this topic, I decided to make a list of the things that I think are better about me now, then when I was in my 20’s.

I will call it:

Why my Thirties are so much BETTER than my Twenties

I am 100% more confident

I am 100% healthier

I am a lot funnier (probably since I have more life experiences to draw from and hindsight usually makes great material for humorous stories…of which I have quite a few – and you’ll likely read about them at some point!)

I am more willing to take personal risks

I know what it is to feel sexy and it doesn’t involve uncomfortable lingerie or revealing clothing

I appreciate date nights so much more!

I appreciate Girl’s Night Out so much more!


I am perfectly content staying in on a Friday or Saturday night and drinking my own wine and watching a movie with the Hubs

I can laugh at myself (and I do, a lot!)

I have two beautiful children both birthed in my 30’s

I get to watch the world through their very young eyes and recognize daily all that they teach me

I have a better body (even after having two babies!)

I appreciate my body more

I am settled in my relationship (14 years this year!)

I own a home

I got my Bachelor’s degree at 33

Doing this made me recognize my talents and want to work toward improving them

I know my fashion “style” and am comfortable owning it and not following trends

I have developed a positive spirit


I have an amazing circle of girlfriends that I have collected over the years

I am pickier with the things I purchase – for my home, my closet and for my refrigerator

I am more open to trying new things

I am not as much of a “people pleaser” and can decline conflicts as needed

I am wiser with my money

I seek more knowledge and yearn to learn everyday

I am motivated to challenge myself

 I have more courage to stand up for what I believe in

I worry less about what people think of me – I am who I am, and I am pretty AWESOME!  (God, that sounds like something straight out of a self-help book, but it’s not, I swear!)

 So there you have it.  I’m sure I could probably even add more to the list as I sit and think more about this topic, but let’s hear it – does anyone else have something to add that they appreciate about where they are in life?  I’d love to hear your comments!!


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