Free Blogging Advice. Say WHAT?!?!

Ok, so when I found out about this contest on one of my favorite blogs, Living in Yellow, in which five (!) randomly selected winners will be chosen to receive free blogging advice from four seasoned, successful, and downright awesome bloggers (who have more than a few followers!!), I felt like a dog that has just been offered a treat. “Oh my GOD! Oh my GOD! Oh my GOD!” my brain said about 100 times in rapid succession.
In her opening paragraph, Erin stated that one should blog because it is “life giving.” Yes! I feel the same way! I felt it as I wrote my very first post, and I continue to feel it as I now think and see things in terms of blogging, like, ALL THE TIME!
I am very new at this, but I love my blog like a child, and want to nurture it and cuddle it and feed it and make it blossom into something I am proud to show off and publicize and fine- tune and watch grow.


In order to make this happen, I can use ALL the advice I can get! I have so many questions, so many ideas….and if I could get some information from these women who in my opinion, are blog “rock-stars,” my mind will be blown.
For anyone else out there who also wants a chance at this incredible opportunity to be put in the hands of greatness, I am providing the link. And hopefully if you win and I don’t, you’ll pass along all the juicy tidbits of information that you have acquired, and come and share it all with me!
Now get on it and enter! Oh, and make sure to check out past posts on Living in Yellow. Erin really is pretty super cool. I love her writing style, her blog style, her fashion style, and if you’re like me, I think you’ll feel the same…


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