The Sickies…

It’s been a little ick around the house the past few days.

Red is sick with “the throw-ups” as he calls it.  It’s a terrible thing when the kids are sick, eyes glazed over, skin pale, and their bodies limp.  Selfishly however I do love the extra mommy cuddles that happen during these times.  After a pretty nasty episode last night, I sat Red in the chair while Mike cleaned up the kitchen and hallway floors, and he just looked at me with his weary, sad eyes and said quietly, I love you and gave me the sweetest hug. 

We got his jammies on and he got in bed, dehydrated and queasy, and after another few head-in-the-bucket incidents, he asked me to lay down with him.  And I did.  I rubbed his back slowly and watched him as he closed his eyes, exhausted after exerting himself, and as he fell asleep I relished in the moment that he wanted his mommy to comfort him. 

These moments are fleeting.  They don’t only happen when he is sick of course, and though he still lets me cuddle and kiss and hug him, it’s usually only a quick moment before he is off and onto the next adventure, or game, or thought as his minds darts at warp speed.  That’s the beauty of being a 5 year old boy.  But for me, these peaceful instances of calm are what I love to wrap my arms around so tightly, and hold onto forever….

The other part of the sick-kid saga, as all working mother’s know, is the fact that a mama is always going to pick her kid over work.  At least this mama is.  Luckily, I have a job that allows me the flexibility of working from home, but it doesn’t come without the nagging question, “What are my colleagues thinking/feeling about this?” The ability to make work happy and family happy is a constant struggle, and one that is unfortunately met with guilt, stress and – pulled from some sort of amazing Mommy-gene – strength.  I am fortunate to have an understanding boss (who raised two kids of her own while climbing the corporate ladder), but the pull of one over the other, as well as playing catch up and feeling the need to prove oneself as a valuable team member, is real.  Now, I’m not looking for sympathy, or whining and complaining that the corporate world is unkind to working mother’s (I’ll maybe save that for another post), but I want to simply reference the fact that when it comes to my family – work will take a distant second every time.  Does this make me an undesirable employee or a good mom?  I’ll leave that for my kids to decide.


And now, for pictures of our happier, healthier weekend.  Luckily the sickies happened on a weekday this week, because we had a lot of fun stuff going on last weekend.  There was a festival complete with rides and friends and rock climbing walls!  We celebrated Dads (and Pop-Pop’s) day with family, food, new grills and swimming!  And we had a great day at the park with Roo, who loves discovering all of the fun to be had at such places. 

"I'm 5, so I can ride the swings this year"

“I’m 5, so I can ride the swings this year”

Making mommy dizzy on the teacups!


climbing climbing1


That’s Mike on the climbing wall – Show off!

jack and mommy Jack

misc 093

Grilling a MANLY meal.

misc 082misc 081   JackandDaddy

Happy Father’s Day to Daddy & Pop-Pop!


Roo kept saying “Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!”


shadow Park


tired tired2

Obviously we had a great weekend, and wiped the kiddos out!

And because I am so late with this post – it’s only one more day until the next round of adventures….Happy, healthy rest of the week!!


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