Happiness is a Warm SUN

Today is the first day of summer…it’s the longest day of the year – the day the sun shines it’s lovely rays upon us for as long as possible before giving in to the moon.

Mike recently made a comment about how depressing it is that the days are going to get shorter after today.  What a terrible thought, and I told him so.  It is just the beginning of the season that brings us warm breezes that gently rustle the huge, lush green oaks in our yard.  It brings the sound of wind chimes as they sing with the wind.  It’s the sweet melodies that I love to hear the birds make during the day, and the ones that Red, Roo and I wind down to at dusk.  The flowers we planted on Mother’s Day weekend are just starting to really blossom and bloom and take up more of their real estate in the garden beds and window boxes.  The hydrangeas haven’t even flowered yet.  It’s the beginning of free jazz concerts on the town green, ice cream cones that melt before we can gobble them up, fireworks, beach bumming, and summer weddings.  It’s only Roo’s second summer (he was born last April), and only Red’s fifth, and when you think of it in those terms, oh how much we have to explore and observe and appreciate!


It’s the peak of the season – the climactic rise of all that is abundantly offered this time of year and we have a LOT to look forward to.

Although today is the longest day, it is a quiet, laid back, easy and carefree one.  There isn’t much going on.  We’ll put the kids to bed at eight o’clock, and it will still be light out, just like it has been for the past month or so.  Then we will sit on the deck and enjoy a drink, and said breezes, and wind chimes, and watch the sun set on the horizon.  Goodbye to the length of the sun’s daily duties, but not to the feelings that summertime sets free.   I will go barefoot for as long as possible and keep the windows open at night. 

It’s not the quantity of daylight that we should pay attention to, but the quality of our days and the time that we spend in the sunshine that counts the most. 


Mike is not a cynical person, but I know that he loves the summer as much as I do and he wants to take it all in as much as possible.  Let’s start in the here and now, and let nature take its course.

 So, in honor of summer, tonight’s cocktail of choice is a Pimm’s Cup.

If you haven’t heard of Pimm’s, which is British, its legacy can be found here.

I was introduced to this fine beverage last summer.  I have a cousin who is living in London (lucky lassie!) and she had taken my aunt (her mum) to the Royal Ascot horse races, as well as the London food festival.  The Pimm’s Cup was a featured beverage at both events. 


Royal Ascot Race

Don’t you love their fascinators’s???


Back in the states, my aunt made a beautiful pitcher full of this cocktail and served it, interestingly enough, at a Fourth of July picnic.  Now, obviously this is the American holiday celebrating our independence from England, but seriously folks, this is one British invasion that you should allow into your summer festivities!

The ingredients.

The ingredients.

Pimm’s Cup:

(my version)

Shot of Pimm’s

Top off with Sprite

Add chopped mint, lemon, lime, orange and cucumber




It looks and tastes like sunshine in a glass.  CHEERS!


It’s Pimm’s O’Clock!

(Note: I was not paid to promote Pimm’s, it’s just a personal favorite of mine and thought I’d share the love.)


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