From a five year olds perspective…

I’ve been taking a lot of photographs lately.  It seems like our Canon Rebel is constantly by my side, or I run to get it if I see some lovable moment the kids are creating that I just have to capture.  It could be that I am really trying to get better at picture taking, or to see things in a new way, or to learn new tricks on the camera, or, (this is the most probable) that I am completely obsessed with this heckin’ blog and all I wanna do is show my sweet family, our adventures and anything else I happen to stumble upon in pictures. 

Yesterday, Red decided that he wanted a turn at taking pictures and quietly snuck away to capture a few shots of his own.  Below is what he came up with:

 misc 091 misc 093 misc 092 misc 094 misc 097 misc 105 misc 104

misc 106

(This is our “patio” – UNDER CONSTRUCTION!)

Not bad!  He actually really loves picture taking and has his own Leap Frog camera…but the real deal is so much more fascinating, what with all the buttons, and flashing, and a lens that goes zoom.  I think he enjoys the continuous shooting especially.

Here is where he got busted:

misc 099

Uh-oh – Daddy is ruining all the fun!

 And here are some more shots from the weekend.

It was a hot one.  Since Red was still recovering from “the throw-ups” (which unfortunately hit him again at 2 am this morning-poor thing), we rested at home and enjoyed the warm sunshine, while trying to stay hydrated and feel better.

 misc 087 misc 082 misc 077

The tomatoes needed watering. Farmer Roo to the rescue!

misc 032

Mena came over to see her boys.

misc 011 IMG_6962 IMG_6919

Boys & their toys.

IMG_6906 IMG_6870 IMG_6866 IMG_6898


Mommy’s way of hydrating.  Even the glass is sweating.

IMG_6804 IMG_6836

So……until this guy feels better…IMG_6770

 …there is nothing new to report.  And hopefully in a few days, he will have a more energetic and peppy perspective – one which might end up in our camera.


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