Things that Make My Heart Swell.

I think this may become a monthly post since there are so many things that make my heart happy.  While there are millions of moments that do what this title suggests, I have chosen only a few from the past week, but future installments may contain anything that makes my heart particularly lovey.

This is mainly a picture post.  The small moments captured below are little pieces of life that made me smile.  Sometimes words just don’t portray the same way.

Also, to get technical for one second, please excuse the quality (or lack thereof) of some of my photos.  I am still working the whole edit and sizing thing out.

Let’s begin…

Things that make my heart swell:

 Free jazz on the town green – and friends to enjoy it with.


Can you find Red? He’s jazzin’ it up!

Sprinkler fun.

Sprinkler 3 Sprinkler 1 Sprinkler 2

Great girlfriend’s, girl’s night out, and of course wine…

…and cheese (or a cheese PLATE – even better!)

cheese platter

A red wagon.

wagon 2 - Copy wagon

Daddy love.

daddy love

Beach bummin’…

beach play

…and sandy feet

sandy feet

Serene scenes.

6.30.13 032

Sunlit squints.

6.30.13 011

Tree climbing!

6.30.13 028 6.30.13 015 6.30.13 020

Marching to the beat of one’s own drum.


Late afternoon shadows.

summer shadows - Copy

This guy.

this guy

Creative play on rainy afternoons.

6.30.13 046 6.30.13 040

Naps on laps.

nap in lap

Chinese food for dinner…

chinese food

…and good fortune to ponder.


Button bottoms.

buton bottoms

And the sweet dreams of sleeping babes.

sleepy head sweet dreams

 More moments are sure to wash ashore this heart o’ mine.  Honestly, it doesn’t take much to make it swell.  I am pretty lucky to be surrounded by people who make my world happy, and am grateful for each and every enjoyable second.  Now, let’s get this summer STARTED and live it to the fullest!

Happy July 1st!



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