Embrace the Madness!

We have a crazy couple of days ahead of us, with a rehearsal dinner, a July 4th family picnic, and the wedding for which Red is the ring bearer.  The heat and humidity (mixed with some equally humid drizzle) makes for a delightful (read: oppressive) cocktail of bad hair, sweaty pits and shiny skin.  I hate when this happens during events where pictures will be taken, I want to look good, I have a wedding outfit that includes four inch heels, and I should probably know better.  (I’ve been known to make the statement “fashion before comfort” but we’ll see how long I last while chasing Roo around!)

With all of the getting ready we have to do to prepare for these events (especially because as mom’s  know, 15 month olds come with lots of their own personal baggage), it should be mentioned that we have no air conditioning in our house.  Yup.  That’s right.  Bring on the sweat.

I am a very easy-going girl.  I am only relatively high maintenance, meaning that I like to play dress up, and wear makeup and get a spray tan (and/or maybe actually lay in a tanning bed- I know, I know…), especially when I am going  to events like a wedding.  I am already anticipating fighting with my hair to sit atop my head in a way that doesn’t make me look like I was just electrocuted, with little pieces sticking out everywhere, or as if I recently went back to the nineties and have that gel infused “wet-look” that used to be in style, though in my case it would be from brow beading courtesy of the sun or drizzly rain that I mentioned above.

It wouldn’t be so bad if I only had to worry about myself getting ready…but there are three other boys (yes, Mike I am calling you a boy in this case) that need tending to.  There is approving of the outfit (again, Mike, I am looking at you), ironing, packing gear and baby needs, including a change of clothes (just in case),  and making sure Red gets his tux on and stays clean and quiet for an extended period of time.  I have to remember the camera, make sure my phone is charged (because iPhone bribery works wonders with the staying clean and quiet bit) and get out of the house without becoming a wrinkled mess myself.

And when it all falls apart, and the temperature gets the best of us and whining ensues, and tempers get tested, and Roo needs a diaper change at zero hour as we are heading out the door (it’s inevitable), I have to remind myself to embrace the madness.  Because really, in the grand scheme of everything that is going to happen in the next few days, all we will remember are the lovely, laughable moments.  The times where we are together with family, playing cards and enjoying music, and lighting sparklers in the summer night.  We will be gushing over Red walk down the aisle with his ring pillow all dressed up with his sweet, shy smile, and revel at how cute Roo will be boogying on the dance floor.  Not to mention how beautiful my cousin and her husband-to-be will look and how wonderfully mushy I become at weddings.  All of that will overshadow the crazed chaos that we went through to prepare for such fun.

Maybe we’ll luck out and the weather will grace us with beautiful warm breezes to take the edge off.  In any event, I will surely have plenty of pictures from our adventurous holiday festivities in my next posts, and hopefully I won’t be too embarrassed to share them (as in my hair will look ok).

Happy 4th of July!


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