All Good Holidays Must Come to an End.

4th of July Picnic 031 4th of July Picnic 032

So here it is, Sunday night after a long, fun, activity-packed holiday vacation.
As promised the weather has been sticky but sunny. I have acquired a nice summer glow which is part fake, but mostly real. Red has more freckles scattered across his nose and nice sun-kissed cheeks, and Roo has had his first official pool dip of the year.
We survived the heat, and the crazy schedule of previously mentioned dinners and picnics and the wedding with the kids in tow. As promised, there was dancing, good food, great company and sparklers.

4th of July Picnic 4th of July Picnic Wedding-Mal.John 124

Wedding-Mal.John 135 Wedding-Mal.John 105

We have a few more bug bites, a little sunburn, sore muscles from cutting a rug on the dance floor, blistered feet from uncomfortable tuxedo shoes, a chipped pedicure (damn, I hate it when that happens), and probably some water in the ears, but these are the war wounds of some seriously gratifying time spent with family and friends.

  ringbearer Wedding-Mal.John 067


Wedding-Mal.John 055

 baby love

After so much merriment, the Sunday before another work week is for chillin’ (not literally unfortunately), and squeezing as much relaxing out of the day as possible before being faced with the monotony of a Monday at work.  And that’s just what we did – Lounge.  On days like this it is necessary. 
Tonight’s dinner was BBQ.  Is it just me, or is the smell of a charcoal grill heating up one of the best summer smells there is?  It was an appropriate close to a delicious long weekend. We are all definitely back on the health food wagon this week after days of sodium & sweets overload…but oh was it worth it.  Obviously:

ice cream cone Pop

So until next year, 4th of July…

fireworks! fireworks! fireworks! fireworks! fireworks!

…It’s been real!

zonked  zonked 2


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