“To believe in something, and not to live it, is dishonest.”

(Title quote by Mahatma Gandhi)

In order for this little space of mine to be what I really want it to be – I have to be honest and real. I won’t share everything that takes place in my life, but what I do share will be the happy, the sad, the frustrating, the questionable – in other words, as my tag line so eloquently states, the ebbs and flows. I’ve been told to not be afraid – so there will be times when I am weepy, and times when I am excited, and then of course, times when I feel I’ve gotta preach it, child!

Honesty lies in flaws. It’s in the scars that you can see, and the fears that you can’t. That is where the true beauty of a person resides. These qualities are familiar, but unique, relatable and necessary. (and yes, a flaw is a quality!) It’s what gives us character, and THAT my friends, is what people notice and remember. At least I know I do.
I’m not perfect – we all know that no one is. Except maybe Beyonce. That woman can do no wrong in my book…but anyway, I fear that by only sharing the sunshine and rainbow stories, we will all only become bored and tired of all the sameness being spewed.


So because I don’t want to become some “who does she thinks she is” blogger – I’m going to just come out and say that I will get disgruntled and heated and because I opinions that matter darn it, I’m going to share them.
Hopefully through all of this, I will connect with others who can relate. And if not – well, I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly. (See, Bey says it best every time.)

(source- http://beyoncequotes.tumblr.com/)

So without fear, I am asking the question that has been bothering me lately:

Do people who pick on others really have insecurities, or are they just plain mean??

I am talking about grown-ups here. People who should know better. It is so draining to constantly hear someone finding things to pick apart, and venting about the negative. Small things become scrutinized. Judging personal choices and gossiping about how wrong they are. What are you saying about me behind my back??? It does make me a little uneasy, and really I know I shouldn’t care because such opinions have absolutely no relevance in my state of mind, but a person not having the least bit of empathy or open-mindedness makes me crazy.

But you know what? I completely believe in the power of being pleasant, so I try my best to spin it and find the favorable. If not for the person in question, at least for myself, so that I know my thoughts are heard out loud and accounted for. It’s probably a defense mechanism kicking in, screaming “stop talking $%@*!” but really, all it has done is make me feel more lovable. And I am, obviously.

So there it is. I’ve spewed my rant. I’ve disclosed my love for Beyonce. And Gandhi. And apparently Marc Jacobs. Wow, that sounds like the beginning of a bad joke (what if they all walked into a bar….?)

Anyway, now I can go to bed and sleep well tonight.
Love and positivity to all my flawed friends out there – keep doing you – and for the sake of all others – spread kindness.




5 thoughts on ““To believe in something, and not to live it, is dishonest.”

  1. KateYB

    My mama always says negative people have no place in your life. She also says “I got bronCHItis” in her best Sweet Brown voice, but that’s not the point. The point is, negative people, mean people, insecure and therefore think they have an excuse to be mean people, are all in the same category. They deflate you; they bring you to an unhappy place. They pretend to be your “friend” to your face, but leave you wondering what do they really think of me? Good for you for spreading your glass full to the brim with sunshine. And you’ve totally got me channeling my inner Sasha Fierce!


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