When Life Hand’s You a Monday…

I dragged myself to work today. The weekends go by so fast, and before I know it, Monday morning is back with the rush of getting ready and go, go, go…
It doesn’t help that it was already about 85 degrees at seven o’clock this morning, and I was trying to make myself presentable for the office as I sweat, wishing I was one of those girls who could simply pile her hair up into a cute top knot, slap on a little mascara and gloss and be on my way, feeling pulled together and fancy-free – but alas, I was not blessed with that brand of genes.

No, this morning was one of those days where, as I was blow drying my hair, I could feel the humidity wrestling with the brush in a tug of war in which unruliness won.
Roo was getting cranky as I was getting lunches together, I lost my temper with Red after he wouldn’t stand still for me to put sunscreen on and proceeded to wipe his greasy face on the sofa after I applied it (really, what in the world would make him think that’s a good idea?), and I felt terrible (TERRIBLE – sad, cranky, guilty…) as I reflected on the morning during my drive in.
Thankfully I work with my BFF, whose door is always open so I can visit, and we often laugh, and joke, or vent about whatever is going on in our lives. Today, on my way out to lunch, I stopped by and told her I was going out to play the lottery. She looked at me, eyes wide open and said, “Can I come with you?” Turns out we were both in desperate need of an hour outside the office walls. Who cares if it was 95 degrees out – it was sunny and we had each other!  And, when life hands you a particularly rough Monday….do something spontaneous and giddy!
I had three dollars burning a hole in my wallet since last week.  These particular dollars were set aside specifically to buy lotto tickets (which I NEVER do…but have been  recently feeling the desire to take a chance).  Mike had given me one of  the dollars which was old and crinkly, and he told me to buy a ticket because he thought it might be lucky. So I did. And whether or not I win isn’t the point. Sometimes just the fantasy of what could be is worth three dollars. Getting out of the office is worth the three dollars. Really, it’s only three dollars. My morning Starbuck’s cost me more than that and even it couldn’t lift my spirits the way this afternoon’s jaunt to the gas station convenience store did.  And then, BFF treated me to fro-yo – and all was right with the world…
So if tomorrow I am still not $2.5 million richer, it’ll be ok. I’ll survive…and by that time, this week’s Monday will be over and I’ll have another chance to say – “you can’t win if you don’t play.” And I mean literally.
And on that note, play we did this weekend.  The proof is in the pudding popscicle!


 Obviously delish – Wish I had a picture of the “after” when his whole face was covered in orange mango stickiness!  Ahhh – the joys of summer.  No biggie – we washed off in the pool!




What’s better than fresh berries & fresh basil you ask?  NOTHING!


Reading on a rainy Saturday morning.  It was very early for a weekend, but I didn’t even care.

Game Face

This is what we call “game face.”


Oh, and we’re climbing now….Watch out!

Dare Devil

And yes, that is what my living room looks like on most weekdays….dont judge.  🙂

sunday dinner

Sunday night dinner…

(complete with a Sesame Street “iPhone.”  Apparently Roo is a very busy baby.) 


A girl can dream, can’t she?!?

And now we are one day closer to  the weekend…

Happy Monday!  xo.



One thought on “When Life Hand’s You a Monday…

  1. KateYB

    I’ve been thinking about that lotto ticket all day. Only downside to one of us winning is the other would be stuck with a case of the Mondays and no one there to rescue!


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