It’s in every crevice, stuck to skin, underfoot, in our sheets, in the shower, in the car, in our shoes, in my pocketbook, in the corners of my phone case. Under nails, in hair, in diapers (and baby bums…)
But when an the idea arose to go on an out of the ordinary adventure to the beach on a steamy weeknight instead of following our humdrum dinner/bath/bed routine, we jumped, feet first, into the sand.
It was 7 pm and still incredibly hot.  Quick dinner, forgo the dishes, grab the towels as we poured our sticky, sweaty bods into swim suits. sand toys
Red barely had his life jacket zipped before he hit the water. Roo, a little more cautious, waded to his ankles, paused then smiled, squat down and started furiously digging with the blue shovel that he had been gripping since we arrived. The beach was just the right amount of crowded. We had no problem finding our own space without being on top of others. Red befriended a surfer chick, and his fearless outgoing self, invited his way onto her board to try his hand at paddling. I love his confident ability to befriend and charm just about anyone.
Roo was happy to walk, walk, walk, the beach. Little toes gripped the sand, still having some trouble balancing in the uneven mini-dunes that bigger feet created.


Chasing seagulls, throwing rocks into the water, finding seashells, and mysterious beach treasure.

beach treasure

What is that?

Getting sandy.
Soooooooo sandy.

But regardless of the vacuuming my house now so desperately needs, I would do it again. Every night. Without hesitation.
Even though Red gave a bit of a fight when it was time to go (i.e. not listening At.All.), can I really blame him? I was a little fish too when I was young, and probably pulled the same bold, swim-in-the-other-direction behavior that he exhibited last night.
Even with the extra work of late bath times, and late bed times, and dishes still in the sink this morning, what we now have in our summer memory bank is the adventure from the night we abandoned our normal agenda in exchange for a priceless evening of fun. And the opportunity to take some good pictures didn’t hurt either.


summer love

sand castles 2



As for the grit and dirt spread all over the hardwood, and in the car seats, in the laundry and on the changing table…I am considering every speck a little reminder of the beautiful sunlit night we spent as a family in the surf, salt and wonderfully messy sand.










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