Confessions of My Dirty Secrets

Over the weekend I cleaned and organized our bedroom.

Big deal you say?

Well, for me, it was a chore that needed to be done, not only to clear the dust from under my bed, but also the dust from my mind. I am so guilty of stacking, piling, saving, filing and flinging stuff into the mess that had begun to take over my corner of the room, as well as the top of my half of the dresser. I am especially bad with papers. Things that come in the mail have a tendency to accumulate. And then there is the stuff that I have and forget about, like the Eric Carle crayons, plate and sippy cup that I bought for Roo that I had tucked away in the corner and found in an old work bag full of, again, papers. I counted five frames that I have purchased on clearance from Target. Let me re-phrase that – five EMPTY frames. We have a lot of bare wall space, and plenty of great photos that I can put in these frames; it’s just getting around to actually doing it has not happened yet. I had a ton of magazines on my nightstand that I had every intention to read, but I always end up on Pinterest or Bloglovin’ at night instead. (Can you blame me???)

I am so immersed in other things and end up ignoring the stacks that are staring at me from across the room.
I unearthed all of the gift cards that we have yet to use. Not that I had forgotten, but when I actually put them all together in one big envelope, I got pretty excited. We have movie passes, swanky restaurant cards, Pottery Barn cards, a Giggle store card…it’s enough for a couple of date nights followed by some home decorating, and a kids shopping spree.

That’s like a jackpot of fun stuff!  I need to get on that!

gift cards

I was so in the zone. Once our room was clean and dusted and nightstands cleared, and papers thrown out, and junk drawers purged, and new storage solutions implemented (thank goodness for the functionality and visual aesthetics that baskets provide!), I tackled the rest of the house too.


We’ll talk about my Hello Kitty love later.


Roo actually has some decorations hanging on a wall in his room – triumph!

Roo's Room

I also removed toys from the living room (aka, the playroom) and put them in his room so he has more of a reason to be in there other than sleeping. Red’s room, which was another disaster area that resembled the after-effects of a giant toy explosion, was cleaned and tidied, though there will be a major re-organization project coming up before kindergarten starts.  I’ll try to post a before and after of that!!

I am on a roll. I’m trying to be better. Organization does not come naturally to me. Well, it sort of does, like when we moved into our house just three short years ago. We went from our tiny two bedroom rental cottage, to our current, small-ish, three bedroom ranch, and we threw away SO.MUCH.STUFF! Moving is so full of leaf-turning, and good intentions, and making a space a reflection of the people in it, and I had it all covered for a time. But we are all guilty of dropping, and piling and working around the small stuff that eventually becomes something that cannot be ignored anymore.

Cleaning is so good for the soul.

In the basement, out of necessity, Mike had to clear out a closet due to some condensation on the floor from the heat wave we had. In that closet are boxes of things that we hadn’t unpacked since we moved, and we said whatever we don’t need is getting thrown out. Fine with me, but in the midst of going through stuff, I recovered things I had thought were lost forever. I found high school relics such as my yearbooks and my field hockey stick. And crazy but fun things, like a Hello Kitty air-pop popcorn machine. (Don’t judge – I had, and still have a kitschy love for that sweet, little bow-eared kitten…) In other words, I uncovered some old pieces of me that were in storage for a while…literally and figuratively.

And now that I have recovered lost treasures, and cleared the disorder from the nooks and cranny’s of the walls that we live in, I am free to move on to other things. I’m not so distracted by the hodgepodge of miscellany that began to creep back into our physical and mental spaces. Without all the clutter, I can create places to do enjoyable things, like practicing my sewing skills on the sewing machine that was buried in the basement closet or concentrate on drawing, and crafts now that I know what supplies I have and what I need. You know – actually implement some of my Pinterest inspirations, so my boards aren’t all for naught.

And maybe, hopefully, I can finally get going on ordering prints of the zillion photographs we take everyday, to fill the assortment of lonely frames that are awaiting a space on my ample, empty walls.

I am re-focusing and will continue to torpedo myself throughout the house and rearrange whatever I can to make it cozy and homey and functional, and clutter-free so that we can all enjoy it the way we should.  But hey, if you happen to stop by on a random weeknight, I’m not promising that a trail of toys won’t greet you at the door,

Getting Red to clean up after himself more consistently…is still a work in progress…but really, aren’t we all?

My sentiments EXACTLY.


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