Things That Make My Heart Swell

Like I said in my last “Things That Make My Heart Swell” post in July, I think we will re-visit this subject monthly, since it’s so easy to find the things that make me (us) happy, and photographic evidence is fun…and appealing to viewers, right?  Right.  Thankfully I’ve figured out how to edit my pictures better and in a much easier fashion, as well as ENLARGE them since then!

So….here are my current swelling moments (in no particular order):

1.  Roo showing me where his eyes are by quickly blinking them over and over again. (This one should really be a video.  Maybe soon on Instagram – which by the way is @flowingwiththego – obviously…)

2.  BBQ’s with good old friends and lots of kids…and a rousing game of Mother (or Father) May I…?

Mother May I?Who Will Win? 3. Speaking of old friends…(she is getting ready for her comeback!)


4.  Smissy being back in town!!! (that would be slang for my super-hot-awesome-moving-home-until-she-moves-to-Colorado sister)…Pictures coming SOON!!!!

5.  Living room camping (sort of)

Living Room Camping

(The REAL camping – in a friends backyard, that is – will take place THIS weekend! 

6.  This.Silly.Goofball:

Red Collage

(Please ignore the vaccum cleaner in the top two pictures.  It’s out so much, I don’t even notice it.  Until of course I do.)                                     

7.  This.Little.Buddy:

Little Buddy

8.  Whole Foods treats.

Whole Foods Treats

9.  Early Saturday morning reading.

On Saturday He Ate...

10.  BFF and her beautiful babe:

BFF and Babe

11.  Roo’s belly laughs.Belly Laughs

(He was scrubbing all of the sandbox trucks with that brush…)

12.  These sleepy feet:

Goodnight July 31st, 2013

Hello August 1st! 

Be Well & Make Your Heart Swell.



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