Heart Swell – September Edition

I am seriously slacking in my posting – and for that I apologize to those of you who continue to visit my little blog of percolating thoughts.  I have been missing this space, and though my heart wants to come here and help my brain empty itself all over the page, my brain keeps circling other things.  Things that are sucking the life and energy out of me.  Things that are burning me up inside.  Things that involve work, and corporate craziness which are consuming me in ways I never wanted or expected.  So more may come of that, when I am ready, and / or when the time is right.

But for now, some of the things that have been making my heart (and life) swell…

Soccer has officially “kicked” off!!


Concentration face.

…obviously running around all day leads to sleepy heads at night.


And speaking of sleep, last Sunday, Red and I returned from church to this scene – the only way Mike could get Roo to sleep!!  Not a bad way to snooze if you ask me…

My handsome boys.

Sleepy Babes

soapy mohawk

Who doesn’t love a soapy mohawk? Who???

surprise presents

Surprise presents and dreams of a jam band.


sound check.

Play Nice

Legos definitely make my heart swell…and my feet too when I step on them!

Loving that they are playing nicely (and quietly!!) together.


Learning to count.  He says: uuuh, two, tee…

Going over football strategy

And all that counting preps him for football season kick-off!!! 

Here, Roo is explaining strategy.

And so it goes in these parts…sports and music…and until I can get my head back in the writing game…enjoy!  I’ll be back in the swing soon!





5 thoughts on “Heart Swell – September Edition

  1. petiteraisin

    Whatever the deal is with work, hope it settles down. Always hate that part of the daily grind. Looks like soccer is going great though! Love the shot of your little guy sleeping!


  2. Katie Elliott

    Hi Tracy! I came across your blog by means of a comment you left on Annapolis and Company and I was so encouraged by you! I have only been blogging recently and have a lot to learn. Here’s encouragement to you to keep posting regularly (I need the same prompting ha!).

    1. tracy Post author

      Hi Katie! Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words!!
      I will definitely be posting more regularly – writing is such a great creative release for me and I need to remind myself of that even on the hard days. 🙂
      Your recipe ideas look great-I’ll definitely check back for more inspiration in the kitchen!
      Keep them coming!!


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