Just a Quicky About My Loves.

These are my boys:    Boys

This is Finn:                                                                                                                                    He is 5.  He is my first.  He is full of life and love and questions about everything.


This is Jack:  He is 18 months.  He is a mover and a shaker.  He likes to run.  And climb.  He likes to copy his big brother.  He likes to gives kisses…after he has bonked you in the head.  It is very possible that he might be my challenge (as far as tantrums are concerned…)


These are my boys.  These are their names.  Red & Roo.  My life and my loves. 

And now you know.  xo 




2 thoughts on “Just a Quicky About My Loves.

  1. KateYB

    So sweet! I love the pictures and it’s fun to see their little personalities. It would be neat to do this regularly and mark changes they go through or what they’re into in a word and picture.


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